Cocaine Bear

Cocaine Bear

Cocaine Bear” is an upcoming film based on a true story, directed by Elizabeth Banks and produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The movie is inspired by an extraordinary incident that occurred in 1985, known as the “Cocaine Bear” incident.

The story revolves around a bear in the wilderness of Kentucky that accidentally came across a duffel bag filled with cocaine. The bag had been dropped from an airplane during a drug smuggling operation gone wrong. The bear consumed a large amount of the cocaine, resulting in its death.

The film takes a fictionalized approach to the story and explores the subsequent events that unfolded after the bear’s death. It follows the journey of various characters who become intertwined with the bear and the drugs, including a young woman who stumbles upon the bear’s body and the duffel bag.

As the woman discovers the drugs, she finds herself being pursued by the criminals involved in the drug operation, who are determined to retrieve their lost narcotics. This sets off a chain of comedic and chaotic events as multiple characters become entangled in the chase, leading to a series of outrageous encounters and unexpected consequences.

“Cocaine Bear” aims to blend elements of comedy, adventure, and crime genres to create an entertaining and unique cinematic experience. The film explores themes of greed, survival, and the unpredictable consequences of human and animal interactions. It promises to be a wild and darkly humorous tale based on an unusual and remarkable true story.

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